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Gotham Headlines Newsletter (Online) (PDF)
Hail to the Sunshine … DENIED! A Closer Reading of Insurance Companies “Denial of Coverage” Easy Fix-IT: How to Patch a Torn Window Screen … Did You Know … To Our Readers Vol.6 No.3
Fall 2010
PDF: Fall / Fall 2010 (1.1MB)
Balm For The Winter Heating Bill Blues … Fix That Fireplace … A Brief Synopsis Of Owner Responsibility … WQXR Radio, Public Service Announcement … To Our Readers Vol.6 No.2
Fall 2009
PDF: Fall / Winter 2009 (448KB)
For Your Protection, Get a Home Inspection … Energy Tax Credits 2009 … RX for Self-Managed Co-ops and Condos … Becoming an Expert Witness … Remembered Fondly … To Our Readers Vol.6 No.1
Summer 2009
PDF: Summer 2009 (447KB)
Preserving the Evidence … To Our Readers Vol.5 No.2
Fall 2008
PDF: Fall 2008 (387KB)
The Disturbance Next Door … Fending Off Foreclosures … Rules to Live By … To Our Readers Vol.5 No.1
Spring 2008
PDF: Spring 2008 (1.5MB)
NYC Department of Buildings New Energy Code!! … Shop and Save…the Planet! … Weatherstrips for Winter … What is Your E.Q.? … To Our Readers Vol.4 No.3
Fall 2007
PDF: November 2007 (413KB)
LIGHTS OUT?! The Question Is Not ‘If’ But ‘When’ … Cool, Man Cool: Lower Your Air-Conditioning Bill … Getting Through The Trauma Of A Real Estate Closing … Product Warning – Check Your Fire Extinguisher … Grow A Healthy Green Lawn All Summer Long … What's The Matter With Ladders? … To Our Readers Vol.4 No.2
Summer 2007
PDF: August 2007 (515KB)
Remembered Fondly … The Ins, Outs and All Arounds of New Construction … Inspector's Diary: Safer Air Conditioners … Installing A Ceiling Fan … Fire Protection … Gotham City's New Face Vol.4 No.1
Spring 2007
PDF: April 2007 (515KB)
It's Cool To Save Energy … When Do You Need An Architect or Engineer? By Contributor, Terrence E. O'Neal, RA, AIA … Light Emitting Diodes, A New Kind of Light … Safety with Photo-Luminescent Signage … Inspector's Diary: Lolly Column … Tame That Toolkit … A New Home For An Old Friend Vol.3 No.3
Summer 2006
PDF: August 2006 (515KB)
Inspecting The Inspectors … Boost Your Energy … A Green Light For A Green Space … Revisiting The Brooklyn Bridge … Inspector's Diary: Caveat Emptor: When A Window Is Not A Window … Recipes For Home Repair Launches Into Cyberspace … Talking Tort Law With Contributor, Mitchell Kessler Vol.3 No.2
Spring 2006
PDF: March 2006 (463KB)
New York Puts Energy Hungry Appliances On A Diet … Energy Hint #43: Light Bulbs … Inspector's Diary: Houdini In The House … Resolving Disputes In The 21st Century … Up In The Sky: It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's PV In Coney … PSA: A Holiday Gift For Thousands Vol.3 No.1
Fall 2005
PDF: November 2005, file 1.7KB
Inspector's Diary: 'Watch Your Step & Hold On! … 'Water Worries: Don't Be 'Lead' Astray … House Proud: Clean Sweep … When Hot Water Is Too Much Of A Good Thing! … The ABC's Of A 'C Of O' … The Legacy Of Terry Schiavo … Tool Of The Month: Knipex Plier Wrench Vol.2 No.4
Spring 2005

Watch Your Step & Hold On!
PDF: Spring 2005, file 1.7KB

PDF (3.1MB): Watch Your Step & Hold On!
Referral Madness: When A Broker Can Break You! … Save 2 TO 3 Percent On Your Heating Bill! … Carbon Monoxide — The Law And You … A-GNAWING Squirrels Take A Hike! … Spinning A Web That Works! … 60,000 Children Fall From Window! Vol.2 No.3
Winter 2005
PDF: Winter 2005, file 348KB
Get The Lead Out (Pb) #82 … Save Energy & Money With Cleanliness … House Proud: Break the Mold … Home Owners Insurance … Home Repair: Lose The Door Bell Blues … Don't Forget To Vote Vol.2 No.2
Fall 2004
PDF: Fall 2004, file 348KB
NYC Building Code Makeover … Tenants' Right To Repair … Who Are The Mortgage Players? … Window Screen Easy Fix … Building Managers Block Inspectors … Jury Duty Vol.2 No.1
Summer 2004
PDF: Summer 2004, file 667KB
Inspector's Dairy: When Buying Property … Check Your Priorities … L.E.D. Light … The Use of Experts … Beware the ‘Silent Killer’ … Staying Warm & Staying Married … Give Blood Vol.1 No.3
Winter 2004
PDF: Winter 2004, file 667KB
The Lessons of 9/11: Building a Safer New York … When Do Rebates Become Kickbacks? … Leaky Faucets … Fix It All The Way To The Curb! … Buying A Home With Your Eyes Open … Our Editor's Notes Vol.1 No.2
Fall 2003
PDF: Fall 2003, file 459KB
Editor To Our Readers … Building Owners Fined … Landlord Behind Bars … Architectural Traps … Living In New York & Buying A Home … Inspector's Quiz Vol.1 No.1
Summer 2003
PDF: Summer 2003, file 459KB

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