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Dedicated to Quality & Safety in Housing & Construction©  Since 1961

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Dedicated to Quality and Safety in Housing & Construction

Grantley N. Thornhill
Curriculum Vitae

Grantley N. Thornhill

Accurate Building Inspectors® (Joined 1998)
Associate Engineering Technician, Technology Officer

Download CV: Grantley N. Thornhill (PDF 13KB)

Associate Engineering Technician, Inspector

Producing CAD drawings, orthographic projection construction drawings, of accident locations for attorneys, contractors, insurance adjusters and architects. Under the instruction of chief inspector Alvin Ubell, co-founder of Accurate Building Inspectors (ABI), worked on over 1,800 investigations involving stairs, ramps, sidewalks, retaining walls, boiler rooms, pumping stations, sewage and drainage systems and various structures. Research expertise in local, state and international building codes and standards for investigation and legal interpretation.

  • Positions

    • Associate Engineering technician/Inspector (ABI),
    • Chief Technology Officer, Board Trustee, Para-Church,
      2005 – Present
    • Chief Petty Officer, US Naval Reserve (Mechanical Engineering Technician),
      1992 – Present
  • Education

    • 1992-Present — US Naval Reserve; Mechanical Engineering Technology.
    • 1995 — College of Staten Island; A.A.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology.
    • 1999-2004 — US Merchant Marine Academy; Welding, Pumps, & Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.
    • 2003 — City College of New York; Mechanical Engineering.
  • Employment Affiliations

    • United States Naval Reserve, 1992-Present
    • Jewelry Laser Engraving Company, 1996-1997
    • Accurate Building Inspectors (ABI), 1998-Present
  • Investigations

    • Trip & fall stair, ramp, sidewalk injuries.
    • Slip & fall wet slippery surfaces.
    • ADA noncompliant accidents.
    • Defective window, door, obstacles traversing line of travel.
    • Visual confusion injuries.
    • Hot water technology, scalding injuries.
  • Technologist

    • Stairs & Ramps Designer & Investigator (ABI).
    • Hot Water System Designer (ABI).
    • Temperature Monitoring, Safety (USN).
    • Welding & Braising (USN).
    • Field & Condition Measurements (ABI).
  • Skills

    • Proficient in Design CAD & Auto CAD.
    • Knowledgeable in Building Codes of New York City & State and Industry Standards.
  • Seminars

    • New York City Model Code Program, 2004
    • Symposium on Egress Stairs in High-Rise Buildings, 2007
    • Microsoft Excel Seminar – Basics & Advanced, 2007
    • New NYC Construction Codes Training Seminar, 2008
    • Kosciuszko Bridge Project Open House – DOT, 2010
  • Extracurricular Activities

    • Board Trustee, Chief Technology Officer of Para-Church Organization. Oversees the physical and mechanical maintenance of 16,000-sq. ft. building. Webmaster/IT administrator; routers, switches, access points/range extenders, network printers, security cameras, desktop, laptop and workstation server maintenance. Maintains bank accounts/funds via Church Pro accounting software (Paradox base).

“Dedicated to Quality & Safety in Housing & Construction”©  Since 1961